You will instantly fall in love with Rauma!

Text: Essi Keskitalo Photo: Jussi Hellsten

Rauma is traditionally known for its unique dialect, Lace Week and its heart: Old Rauma. The wooden houses, narrow streets and attractive display windows lend an idyllic atmosphere to Old Rauma. It is not without merit that Old Rauma is called the most beautiful commercial centre in Finland.

In spite of its respectable age, Old Rauma has remained a dynamic living, working and business area. The area has been preserved, but not turned into a museum.

The theme “In Love with Rauma" and City Retailers have played a significant role in developing Old Rauma into a flourishing centre. As a part of the Regional Organisation of Enterprises in Rauma, the Rauma City Retailers bring entrepreneurs together to develop and invigorate the centre of Rauma. Member companies include all types of businesses, from cafés to travel agencies and interior design shops. City Retailers also organise a variety of events from Christmas markets to opening events of the summer season.

Positive feedback from customers

Launched in 2002, the Rauma City Retailers project has produced visible results. The entrepreneurs collaborate instead of competing, which has strengthened their team spirit. Their slogan, "In Love with Rauma", has become reality. Their work has led to extensive positive feedback for high-quality services and experiences offered by specialty shops. It is impossible not to fall in love with Rauma!

© Tiina Leino

Combined with the dynamic commercial centre, the culture and events in Rauma have made the town an important hub for the residents of the region. The World Heritage Sites – Sammallahdenmäki and Old Rauma – attract a high number of visitors from outside of the region. The unique character of Rauma comes as a surprise to many visitors. Tourists often feel as if they were abroad.

Proud of Rauma

The results of local collaboration and experiences offered by the area make people fall in love with Rauma in an instant. However, the most important success factor is having faith in your hometown - people are proud of being Rauma residents. Rauma has an additional ace up its sleeve: parking is free, as long as you remember to put the parking disc in the front window!