To the urban park!

Text: Essi Keskitalo Photos: Tiina Leino

A riddle: what is green and impressive and contains a diversity of activities and events? A place where you can enjoy the atmosphere at a summer café or cheer your team on in a sports event. Do you know where you are? Open your eyes: you are in an urban park!

Established in 2002, Pori National Urban Park offers a combination of nature, exercise, culture and sports. 
- At the urban park, you can admire architecture or go for a run in the forest. The area offers something for everyone, believes Heli Nukki, Project Manager at Pori City Planning.

The urban park is divided into three parts: islets, the city centre and the forest of Pori with the sports centre. Each area has its own purpose and special attractions. Heli has a good piece of advice: 
- If you walk from one end of the park to the other, you will get an overall picture of the town and of what it has to offer!

© Tiina Leino

Let’s go on a tour in the urban park

and start the journey on the islets. Here, along River Kokemäenjoki, you will find old agricultural landscapes and industrial areas as well as areas intended for cultural and recreational use. Kirjurinluoto is an important way to relax and a major centre of recreation for local residents. Its play parks events and various events will keep you busy every day of the year. 
If you are looking for something more peaceful, try the Polsanluoto nature trail and the beautifully lush exhibition garden, Heli advises.

After crossing the Pormestari Bridge, we arrive in the centre of the town. The area is full of historical parks and impressive architecture, including the seaside blocks of Kivi-Pori. Buildings of architectural significance include Pori Town Hall and Central Pori Church. Heli also lists the graveyards and their surroundings as some of the most important sights in the city centre. Important memorials, such as Juselius Mausoleum, located on Käppärä cemetery, are popular among visitors.

© Tiina Leino

Diverse sports opportunities

Last but not least, we enter the area of Pori forest and the sports centre. This area also includes a lido, a stadium and Isomäki with its swimming hall, all of which provide events and the joy of exercise. The forest also hides a unique treat for history aficionados: you will find shelters dating back to World War II along the recreational trails.

Each urban park has its own story and special role in the life of the city. The strengths of Pori lie in its diversity - you will not run out of things to do in nature and at the cultural destinations. How would you spend a day at Pori National Urban Park?

View the map of Pori National Urban Park and choose your next destination!