The treasure chest of the Bothnian Sea

The area of the Bothnian Sea conceals a treasure chest of opportunities. Spend a relaxing beach holiday by the dunes in Yyteri, sail on Galleass Ihana or head for an adventure at the former army fort in Kuuskajaskari. When you feel hungry, you can enjoy traditional Finnish fish soup and freshly baked delicacies or grill sausages on a stick over open fire. If you are planning to spend several days by the Bothnian Sea, you can choose from a broad range of accommodation options, from lighthouses to former barrack rooms. Come and enjoy the Bothnian Sea!

It's sunnier in the Oura archipelago

According to the old saying, Merikarvia and particularly Oura, get to enjoy 100 more sunny days than the inland! Located on the Bothnian Sea, the archipelago is used as a recreational and tourist area. This biologically significant archipelago, with its noteworthy scenery, comprises hundreds of islands and islets. Indeed, Oura offers nature enthusiasts a wide variety of birds from sea eagles to greater scaups. Families, on the other hand, delight over sand-bottomed beaches and designated places for campfires and tents. Remember to bring your binoculars and camera!
>> The Oura archipelago

Yyteri – the beach destination of your dreams

Six kilometres of sand and dunes, water slides, surf centre and birdwatching towers... Diversity is Yyteri's chief asset! You can enjoy the loveliness of a beach holiday, explore the nature in the river delta areas or spend an active day horseback riding and playing volleyball. In the winter, Yyteri transforms into a skiing and sledging area. In addition to activities, Yyteri has a plethora of accommodation services, as well as meeting and event venues. Check out everything that Yyteri has to offer!

© Marko Mikkola

Reposaari - maritime and idyllic wooden house district

Reposaari is an idyllic island of wooden houses in Meri-Pori. The island, which is approximately three kilometres long and half a kilometre wide, is accessible by boat and, since 1956, by car. Several local businesses on the island serve both inhabitants and travellers. Reposaari is also the location of the lively guest harbour Marina Merilokki, which features a thorough range of services.
>> Reposaari
>> Marina Merilokki

The Delta of the Kokemäenjoki River

The Delta of the Kokemäenjoki River is the largest river delta area in the Nordic countries. It contains plenty of different types of nature and rare plants. The avifauna in the delta has particular significance; it's a breeding area for approximately 110 species of birds and it is an important resting area for migratory birds. There are several bird observation towers in the area. The Kokemäenjoki River, its shores and its delta are definitely worth exploring.
>> The Delta of the Kokemäenjoki River

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Galleass Ihana through still and storms!

Close your eyes - can you already feel the fresh sea breeze on your face? Leave the daily grind behind and embark on a sailing trip in the archipelago of the Bothnian Sea National Park! Galleass Ihana is a traditional sailing ship built in Satakunta and Luvia. During sailing, you can participate in the raising and lowering of the sails or relax on the deck enjoying the seafaring opportunity. Ihana is also available for rent for private and company events.
Galleass Ihana

Kaljaasi Ihana

Säppi lighthouse island

Säppi lighthouse island in the Luvia archipelago is an extremely valuable island due to its nature. It is entirely included in the national shore protection program and partially included in the grove protection program.  Säppi is an important resting area for migratory birds both in the spring and in the autumn. 5.5 kilometres separate the island from the mainland. A cruise to the island is a true experience! 
The Säppi lighthouse island 

© Tiina Leino

Schooner Kathrina

Schooner Kathrina takes you on a memorable cruise on the waves of the Bothnian Sea! In addition to public cruises, Kathrina is available for rent for private events. Celebrate your birthday or have a company event on the ship while enjoying the intimate wooden sauna and tasty dining.
>> Schooner Kathrina

Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse island - accommodation in a light house!

Would you dare to stay overnight in a lighthouse tower? Built in 1952, the Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse originally served as a pilot station and a lighthouse. It is currently a tourist destination that lends itself to learning about life in the archipelago with tour guides and exhibitions. The lighthouse building also houses hotel and meeting rooms, a restaurant, a chapel and an outlook. Enjoy the atmosphere of the lighthouse island surrounded by the spectacular views of the Bothnian Sea!
>> Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse island

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Located in front of Rauma, Kuuskajaskari presents its visitors with experiences and history. Over the course of years, Kuuskajaskari has served as a Russian base as well as a coastal fort for the army. Today, travellers are provided with activities ranging from summer theatres to guided tours in the destinations of the Defence Forces. Alongside tasty culinary experiences and atmospheric accommodation, you can explore trenches or enjoy the ambience of the island. Come and feel the real life in the barracks in Kuuskajaskari! 
>> Kuuskajaskari


The oldest and largest tourist island of Rauma is a fantastic summer destination for the whole family. Reksaari treats visitors to nature and archipelago-related activities, from nature trails to a peat sauna. The coffee hut allows you to enjoy the original island fish soup and freshly grilled delicacies! Reksaari is also an excellent destination for school field trips! 
>> Reksaari

© Juha Sinisalo