A summer oasis in Pomarkku

Text: Essi Keskitalo

Your own cottage is a place, where you can let go of the busy everyday life and just relax by the nature. The municipality of Pomarkku, in Satakunta, has offered a summery retreat for Eija Pöysti and Eero Ingström, who live in Helsinki.

Eija and Eero from Satakunta have inherited a cabin from Eija's parents. Despite the long distance, they go to the cabin weekly between May and October. 
- We like returning to the familiar environment.
The visits are also influenced by their Pori-based business Sataneule, which has been in operation since 1956, and their vintage store.

- The cabin means time and opportunities to meet friends, Eija says and adds that she often invites guests to Pomarkku. Many visitors come from overseas, some all the way from Panama. 
- The various nationalities that come for a visit in the summer are an asset. They bring colour into our lives.

© Juha Sinisalo

Mishaps and experiences with international friends

International guests guarantee new experiences and new points of view. 
- Last year, we set up the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games with our Greek friends, five nationalities were in attendance, Eija describes and shares more of her memories: 
- Once, we asked an Italian guest to add wood to the fire in the sauna. He returned quickly, saying he hadn't found coal anywhere.

As hosts, Eija and Eero are used to taking their guests to various summer events, such as the street party of Satakunta. However, traditional life at the cabin often attracts people to a greater extent, as that alone is an experience for them. 
- Particularly the nature, peace and light draw attention and admiration!

For Eija and Eero, nature and the beautiful lake scenery are the best parts of holiday life in Satakunta. The availability of local food is also appreciated. 
- We love buying from small-scale entrepreneurs. Individuality is important, Eija states and hopes that unique services will further proliferate in the future. 
- We just don't want bread made by Fazer when we're at the cabin.