Students' guide

Studying in Satakunta is not only about courses and exams, it's about having fun! A wide variety of events and recreational activities are available at student prices. We welcome people from other regions and countries and do everything we can to make their stay an enjoyable experience. This also helps us develop Satakunta as a region of opportunities.The student’s guide features useful information, tips and links for your study years.

Student events

Student events are organised in Satakunta throughout the year. Bring your friends and take the bar exam at Appro on Yrjönkatu or try different sports at the Leap event. More information is available on the websites of student organisations; they safeguard and promote the interests of students.
>> Sammakko, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
>> Pointer, University Consortium of Pori 
>> O’Diako, Diaconia University of Applied Sciences
>> Opekas, Department of Teacher Education in Rauma

Student discounts

Frank offers hundreds of discounts for students as long as they have a valid student ID. You can get discounts on events, food, books, hobbies and many other services. By using student services, you can save hundreds of euros per year! Details on all discounts are available on the Frank website. is a student benefit service with over 200 local advantages for students.


Compared to other towns, student housing is inexpensive in Satakunta. Distances are short and the educational institutions are centrally located near services.
>> Individual housing

Student house Saikku

Student house Saikku is the focal point of the student culture in Satakunta and it serves as a meeting point for the students of universities of applied sciences and of the university consortium, among others. Come to Saikku to hang out, make coffee or work on a group project. Saikku is open in the evenings during events as well and it offers students various services. Saikku's premises can also be rented. Organise a sauna evening, watch a game on television with friends or set up another kind of event at a low price!
Student house Saikku

Leisure time

Satakunta is full of events and action. How about live music or an exciting ice hockey match at a student price? Read more about events and activities in Satakunta on our website and take your pick! With the help of these pages and the Discover Satakunta search engine, you will find a slew of events for your leisure time!
>> Discover Satakunta
>> Event calendars


The relatively short distances between towns make it easy to get around in Satakunta. Many operators, including Porin Linjat and Satakunnan Liikenne, offer bus transportation at student prices. In addition, your student card entitles you to a 50% discount on rail transport.
Porin Linjat
>> Satakunnan Liikenne
>> VR
>> Matkahuolto

Working while studying

Would you like to work while studying? Satakunta offers a wide selection of part-time jobs for students. See what staffing companies have to offer or directly contact the companies operating in Satakunta. 
>> Work and entrepreneurship
>> HR Sata
>> Kymppi Service
>> Alexa
>> VPS
>> Opteam
>> VMP
>> Carrot
>> Staffpoint


Media in Satakunta is of high quality with a strong online presence. Have you listened to the best radio channel in Finland in 2011 - Radio Pori? Did you know that Satakunnan Kansa is the second oldest newspaper in Finland? 
>> Satakunnan Kansa
>> Kankaanpään Seutu
>> Web service
>> Radio Pori