The sporty Jämi

Text: Essi Keskitalo Photos: Jämi84 – MTB and Ilmari Mattila

In Jämijärvi, a small locality in the middle of Northern Satakunta, lays Jämi - a place that offers experiences with nature and exercise throughout the year. Ski, hike or admire the view while landing with a parachute. Jämi’s offerings are versatile.

Jämi - activities, nature and well-being

Jämi is every traveller's dream come true. Its vast area contains a plethora of various activities, accommodation options and meeting premises.
- Jämi Centre provides advice as well as offers and rental services in Jämi. You can ski in the ski tunnel or organise a sports camp, for example, summarises Sirpa Kuivanen, sales manager at Jämi Centre.

© Ilmari Mattila

Several events are also organised in the area – annual occasions are Jämi Fly In, Jämi 147 as well as Jämi Christmas Village with its market squares and candle-lit processions. 
- The market square is the perfect place for acquiring Christmas foods and pastries, decorations and presents, Sirpa tips us off and notes that more and more foreigners have found Jämi, thanks to its events and sports competitions.

The biggest asset is the diverse nature

However, Jämi's biggest asset is the diverse nature. The easily accessible heath terrain invites visitors for a walk and the refreshing forest with its springs are perfect for recreational activities.
- The most popular services in the summer are, for example, guided exercise activities, such as frisbee golf or a paddling trip among meetings, as well as the wide range of aviation opportunities. 
Lake Jämijärvi, with its clear water, is rich in fish and popular among travellers. Its shores, laden with accommodation options, attract active holidaymakers with their sandy beaches, beautiful ridges and nature trails.

© Ilmari Mattila

The volunteer spirit of Jämijärvi and the desire to develop Jämi are praised by Sirpa. Sirpa has a message to new customers. 
- Here, you can experience the peace of nature, find comfortable accommodation with modern amenities and enjoy delicious food. Bring even larger groups and we will find something for you to do! Feel welcome in Jämi!