Satakunta is known for these

What comes to your mind when Satakunta is mentioned - Finland's most popular summer event, Pori Jazz, the fascinating dialects or maybe the warm sun in Yyteri? Satakunta has plenty of reasons to be proud, here are a few of them!


Spend a holiday of your dreams on Finland's Riviera! The six-kilometre long sandy beach of Yyteri attracts visitors from all over the world. Listen to the roar of the sea, sink your toes in the warm sand and fall in love with the popular destination! 
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The gorgeous sandy beach of Yyteri is well suited for children and adults alike.

Fun dialects

Kat tän Porrii eks tiä! Can you understand the dialects of Pori and Rauma? Dialects of Satakunta are in a league of their own and you might lift your eye brows the first time you hear them. No worries, as you can also resort to body language, if needed.


The provincial fish of Satakunta is a little more special than the others. The worm-like fish gets a second look and not always due to its beauty. Do you have the guts to taste it? Build up some courage and make a lampern purchase at the market square. A lampern roasting factory in Nakkila is famous for the way it prepares this traditional delicacy.

A long history

It all started with a moose head. The most well-known ancient relic of Finland placed Huittinen on the world map. The history of Satakunta is full of exciting stories from murders to fires in cities. 
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Ice hockey

The spade of hearts keeps beating! Pori went crazy after Ässät became the Finnish Champion in hockey. The traditions of Rauman Lukko and its fans' support were noted throughout Finland. We are proud of our own teams, Porin Ässät and Rauman Lukko. 
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The Bothnian Sea is close to the hearts of people in Satakunta. Detach from the daily grind by sailing on the waves of the sea or embarking on adventures in the archipelago. 
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Satakunta constantly renews itself without forgetting traditions. The large-scale industries of the 19th century have developed their operations or transformed into university centres, for example. Historic cultural environments are maintained in their former glory, respecting the spirit of the era. Traditions are important to us and we value them. Take a look at the publication that showcases the cultural environments of Satakunta.

Personalities in Satakunta

a large number of artists, musicians, dancers, athletes, actors and actresses and movers and shakers in cultural activities have their roots in Satakunta. Actions and creativity originating in Satakunta have and have had unexpected and far-reaching impact. Sparkling personalities, paths deviating from the mainstream, unbelievable achievements.

Jenni Ahtiainen
Accessory designer Jenni Ahtiainen is an embodiment of Satakunta-based skills! You may have spotted her masterpieces at the president’s Independence Day reception or Golden Globe Awards.

Dingo is a permanent fixture in the history of Finnish music due to several songs: Autiotalo, Levoton Tuhkimo and Nahkatakkinen tyttö. Dingo's golden era was in the 1980s, also known as the era of Porirock.

Jenni Haukio
Hailing from Pori, Jenni Haukio is best known as the spouse of the President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö. Among other things, Haukio has published three collections of poems in her career. She focuses on nature in her works.

Akseli Gallen-Kallela
Born in Pori, Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1865–1931) was one of the key painters in Finland. Gallen-Kallela's origins in Satakunta was evident in his art and life in many different ways. One of his most well-known pieces, Boy with a Crow (1884) was painted in Tyrvää, a former municipality of Satakunta and Akseli's childhood home. Juselius Mausoleum in Pori houses the frescos that Jorma-Gallen-Kallela painted according to his father's sketches.

Selim Palmgren
Dubbed the Chopin of the North, Palmgren (1878–1951) composed over 300 pieces of piano music. The largest music education institution, Palmgren Conservatory, was named after him. In 1955, a statue was erected in his honour in Pori's Raatihuoneenpuisto Park and the street called Raatihuoneenkatu was renamed Selim Palmgreninkatu in 2009.

Frans Emil Sillanpää
F. E. Sillanpää (1888–1964) was born in Hämeenkyrö, formerly a part of Satakunta.  He is the only Finnish winner of a Nobel Prize in Literature. The Nobel Prize of 1939 was granted to him for his deep understanding of peasantry. One of Sillanpää's most well-known works, which is considered to be one of his best, is Fallen Asleep While Young (named The Maid Silja in the USA), which was published in 1939.

Sylvi Salonen
Sylvi Salonen (1920–2003) was an actress loved by the Finns. She started her career at the age of 14 at Pori Theatre, from where she moved on to the Tampere Theatre in 1943. In addition to her career at the theatre, she is remembered for her roles on television, among others her performance as Emmi Vilén in the show called Tankki täyteen, as Sylvi Kaitala in Tuliportaat and as Lahtiska in Heikki and Kaija. Sylvi Salonen is buried on the Käppärä cemetery in Pori.

Jorma Uotinen
Very few people are unaware of this personality! Born in Pori, Jorma Uotinen is a dance artist and choreographer. He has left his mark in the cultural life of Satakunta for example by acting at Pori Theatre as a child. In 2010, Uotinen received the honour of being the first cultural ambassador of the city of Pori.

Peter Vesterbacka
Peter Vesterbacka, who spent his childhood and youth in Pori, is the man behind the well-known Angry Birds. In recent years, Angry Birds has become one of the most successful Finnish products internationally. Vesterbacka has also admitted to being a huge fan of Ässät.