Satakunta in figures

Nature, sea, Yyteri and people were the most frequent answers when people were asked about the best things in Satakunta. Life is of ordinary high quality here. You will meet straightforwardly outspoken and honest people. In one swoop, you are transported from the maritime landscape to forested nature or scenery full of ridges. You can absorb culture, walk by a field, cycle from one village to another, hike and relax. We love it here. We hope you will too.

At the end of 2014, Satakunta was inhabited by 223,983 people. The province comprises the sub-regions of Rauma, Pori and Northern Satakunta. The largest population cluster is Pori with 85,418 inhabitants. The urban area around the centre of Pori is almost continuous from Meri-Pori all the way to Harjavalta. The surroundings around the centre of Rauma are clearly the second largest urban area with its 39,970 inhabitants. The third urban area is located in Kankaanpää, Northern Satakunta. The population of that area is 11,883. Most of the province is sparsely populated. More information about Satakunta in figures.

Population of Satakunta

The age distribution in Satakunta shows an increase in the share of the oldest age groups, while the share of children and youth has decreased. The same trend is also expected to continue in the future throughout Finland. However, there are considerable differences in the age structure between different municipalities in Satakunta. For example, the share of people over 64 years of age is 10 percentage points lower in Eurajoki than in Siikainen. Out of all municipalities in Satakunta, proportionally, the largest under 15-year-old population lives in Luvia.

Population of Satakunta

The nature of Satakunta charms with its variety and beauty. There are three national parks in different parts of the province – Selkämeri, with its open sea and insular nature, Puurijärvi-Isosuo, which is a twitcher’s dream and the pearl of the southern bogs, Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas. Satakunta is intersected by the 121 kilometre Kokemäenjoki River – a diverse fishing area that provides excellent circumstances for boating, bird watching and hiking. Pyhäjärvi in Säkylä is the largest lake in southwestern Finland. And we also have a waterfall: the Velhonvuori waterfall located in Lavia, Satakunta!

Nature of Satakunta