Rugged beauty in Puurijärvi and Isosuo

The Puurijärvi ja Isonsuo national park

by the River Kokemäenjoki includes both large areas of marshland and the shallow and luxuriant Lake Puurijärvi, a significant site for bird-watching. Take a day-trip to experience unique marshland, walk along the duckboards, and spot some birds. Fill your lungs with fresh air rich in oxygen, rest your eyes on the scenery, and set your mind at ease.

Pitkospuut © Mikael Leppäniemi


The moors in the national park are part of the coastal oasis or high moor zone. In high moors, the barren middle areas are more elevated than the more flourishing and wetter laggs. The middle areas with dense moss-sedge peat have some sparsely growing pines here and there. 

The illustrated nature trail on the north side of the Isosuo moor speaks of hidden life in the marsh. By the two-kilometre nature trail you’ll find a four-metre observation tower.  


Näkymä tornista © Mikael Leppäniemi

Some smaller trails turn off from the main nature trail, leading to the Mutilahti bird-watching tower and to the peat barn.

Kartta © Mikael Leppäniemi

The peat barn is a storage building used for drying and storing peat. You can learn about the history of peat extraction in the barn by the Isosuo duckboards.

Turvesuuli © Mikael Leppäniemi

In all its ruggedness the view of the marsh is thought-provokingly beautiful.

Näkymä tornista © Mikael Leppäniemi

The Kärjenkallio bird tower is one of the highest in the Nordic countries, up to 18 metres.

Bongarit © Mikael Leppäniemi

A marked path, less than a kilometre in length, leads to the tower from the Kärjenkallio parking area. Along the way there is a tourist guide lean-to with information regarding the birds and plants in the Lake Puurijärvi area.

Kartta © Mikael Leppäniemi

Walking the path and climbing the tower is rewarded by the breath-taking scenery over Lake Puurijärvi.

Maisema Kärjenkalliolta © Mikael Leppäniemi

Lake Puurijärvi is an important rest stop for swans, cranes, geese, and other waterfowl during their spring and autumn migration.

Joutsenet © Mikael Leppäniemi

Kurjet © Mikael Leppäniemi

The unobstructed view from the bird-watching platform near the Puurijärvi tourist guide lean-to allows admiring other scenes in the lake area as well.

Lintulava © Mikael Leppäniemi

Get comfortable and let the autumn marsh nature charm you with its details and beautiful plant life.

Kasvillisuutta © Mikael LeppäniemiSeitti © Mikael LeppäniemiSienet  © Mikael LeppäniemiKasvillisuutta © Mikael LeppäniemiKäpytikka © Mikael LeppäniemiMuurahaispesä © Mikael LeppäniemiNaavaa © Mikael Leppäniemi

Texts compiled by Kreetta Haaslahti, Images by Mikael Leppäniemi