Pori Jazz - the equation of a perfect summer event

Text: Essi Keskitalo, 2013 Photos: Pori Jazz Media Bank

Musical tones fill the air along the Kokemäenjoki River. Happiness shines on people's faces. Summer evenings in July are warm and the atmosphere is just right. Pori Jazz is here again!

Every year, music enthusiasts gather in Pori to enjoy the unique milieu, atmosphere and first and foremost, the diverse range of music. Finland's largest summer event, Pori Jazz, needs no explanation. 
- When people are asked what they know about Pori, the three most common answers are Pori Jazz, Yyteri and the ice hockey team Ässät, states Niina Eeva, Marketing Manager for Pori Jazz 66 ry. The festival has placed Pori on the world map.

Pori Jazz is borne out of collaboration. Hundreds of volunteers help to set up the event and they do not do it for the rewards. The strong mentality of working together and the spirit of "us" ensures that the workers return year after year. 
- There's a saying among the volunteers: "You give a little finger and it takes the whole hand", Niina laughs. Working at Pori Jazz is a way of life.

Pori Jazz Festival © Arto Takala

Concerts for children and adults, most of them free

The extensive range of the audience separates the festival from other music events. Aimed at children, Kids Festival moves the youngest hips of families, whereas older ones can enjoy the selection available on the jazz street and concerts. 
- The point is to promote the standing of jazz music and offer attendees unforgettable experiences!

In July, it is also possible to attend societal discussion events. To counterbalance entertainment, SuomiAreena offers a more serious program. Together with the Jazz, it turns Pori into the focus of Finland for two weeks. Well-known politicians as well as domestic and international artists flood to the city.

The relaxed holiday atmosphere combined with high-quality experiences and the unique scenery of Pori create an equation for a perfect summer event. Pori Jazz is a must. 
- You will not be disappointed, the spirit of jazz will fly you away!

Pori Jazz Festival © Stefan Crämer