A pioneer in body measurement

Text: Essi Keskitalo Photos: Clothing+

Body monitoring technologies are developing rapidly. The combination of electronics and textiles has resulted in innovative products. Uncomfortable plastic devices will soon be replaced by heart-rate-sensing shirts and other textiles. Clothing+ in Kankaanpää is a global trailblazer in body monitoring and showcasing Finnish expertise.

Clothing+ manufactures textile-integrated sensor solutions to the sports and medical markets. For example, the world's first textile heart rate monitor strap was created with the help of this company. Clothing+ has succeeded at becoming a pioneer in its field in collaboration with its internationally acclaimed clients, such as Adidas, Suunto and Garmin. 
- Our products are comfortable, accurate, safe and customised, summarises Mikko Malmivaara, the company's sales and marketing manager.

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A constant desire to be better

Everything started in 1998. Reima Oy, the University of Lapland and the Tampere University of Technology joined forces in a smart clothing project. After its positive reception, Reima decided to invest in wearable technology and the research unit Clothing+ saw daylight in 2000. Eight years later, Clothing+ detached Reima and became a company of its own. In 2015, Clothing+ was bought by Jabil Circuit Inc., an American electronic contract manufacturer. This giant with 18 billion dollar turnover wanted to add Clothing+ as a part of its own manufacturing operations, giving the textile electronics manufacturing of Clothing+ completely new resources and future views.

- Our hunger to learn and constant desire to be better have worked to our advantage. The trial and error process has also played an important role, Mikko says. Even though the main focus is currently on sports-related measurements, the goal is to advance further in the sea of constant change and expand into the medical sector. 
- We offer design and production services for anything that can be measured in the body.

The importance of body measurement increases by leaps and bounds

Product development and manufacturing opportunities have worked for Clothing+, as only a few companies can offer both of them to their customers. Clothing+ manufactures most of their products at their own factory in China. The company also has offices in Tampere and Shanghai. Despite their success, the headquarters, design operations and the production of small batches have remained in Kankaanpää. We have found particularly technical and crafty skills in Satakunta. 
- We haven't needed to look further than that, states Mikko.

The company strongly believes in the future. The revolution has started and body measurement is becoming an important part of high-quality and fashionable sportswear. Clothing+ is ready for the challenge. 
- We are surrounded by a wonderful network of collaboration partners and experts. Together, we have a clear view of where the world is going. You can achieve anything if you work hard and believe in your own skills!