Oras: the wizard of water

Text: Kreetta Haaslahti Photos: Oras

The roots of the European faucet and shower equipment pioneer are firmly planted in Satakunta. The products of the leading manufacturer of touch-free and smart faucets are a combination of user-friendly and ecological aspects – not forgetting design. Several faucet innovations have been created together with Alessi, the Italian design master.

Oras Group, whose main office is located in Rauma, is the leading Nordic manufacturer of plumbing fixtures for architectural engineering. During its over 70 years of operations, the company has developed innovative faucet solutions for the changing needs of private residences and public premises.

– Our flagship products are plumbing fixtures that contain electronics, which enable easy and enjoyable use as well as save environmental resources, says Oras Group's President and CEO, Pekka Kuusniemi.

The product selection of Oras is comprehensive and innovative. In the Nordic countries, thermostatic shower systems and the traditional single handle faucets hold the most solid position. In southern Europe, faucet solutions integrated into structures are the most popular option. The smartest faucets communicate to their users, for example, by telling them the ideal time to take a shower.
– One of our most recent innovations is a basin faucet, which utilises wireless technology and enables unprecedented ease of use.

Pekka Kuusniemi © Oras Oy

Home in Rauma

After the company was founded in Rauma in 1945, no one has thought to question its location.

– So far, we have been able to find skilled employees and the collaboration network we have created over the decades is excellent.

There are 450 permanent employees in Rauma. Additionally, 60 summer employees will gather invaluable experience in Rauma this summer. In addition to Rauma, the company has production facilities in Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland, with a total of approximately 1,370 people working in the entire Group.

A significant foothold in Europe

In 2013, the German faucet manufacturer Hansa became a part of Oras Group. The Group doubled in size and its position in the core of an important market became stronger.

– Germany has Europe's largest faucet markets and they, for the most part, give direction to the development of the entire product branch. As we acquired Hansa, we received a strong brand and position in the German-speaking markets of Europe. It would not have been possible without the company acquisition.

Oras Signa © Oras Oy

Structurally speaking, the merger has been completed but the building of a joint company culture continues. This requires time and patience.

– The most tangible change at the factory in Rauma is that products carrying the Oras brand are now made together with products carrying the Hansa brand.

The expanded Oras Group offers its employees several benefits.
– The work of our staff based in Rauma as well as at the other sites has, through the merger, become more international, offering now interesting opportunities for career development and demanding challenges.

A solid future

In the future, Oras Group's goal is to be a market leader outside of the Nordic countries as well. Operations outside of Finland account for more than two thirds of the Group's turnover, with a focus on the European markets.

– Achieving the position of an European market leader in the saturated market of developed plumbing fixtures requires the entire organisation's commitment to long-term and demanding operations.

The future looks bright and strong.
– Thanks to the merger, we have gained a very important foothold in the market of continental Europe, which will, in the long-term, provide us with a significant opportunity for growth.