Optical fibre makes the plant nursery more effective

Text and photos: Kreetta Haaslahti

Lavia, 40 kilometres north of Pori, is the location of a plant nursery where things go smoothly. The optical fibre connection makes handling orders and invoices faster and even the perennials find their way into the flower bed faster than before.

Satakunnan Taimitukku is a plant nursery that specialises in growing perennials. The perennials travel from Taimitukku to gardening stores, the public sector and landscape developers. When it became possible to obtain an optical fibre connection, the decision was obvious to the plant nursery.

– The old ”phone lines” were removed and only lousy mobile connections remained. They are not sufficient for modern-day needs even in private households, not to mention for the needs of businesses, explains Tiina Rampa, the entrepreneur behind Taimitukku.

As of April 2015, Taimitukku has enjoyed the benefits of the optical fibre network built by Pohjois-Satakunnan Seutuverkko.
– There have been no issues whatsoever with the connection. The speed of data transfers is excellent, praises Rampa.

The fibre connection has changed the entrepreneurs' daily operations for the better.
– Previously, we only used the Internet to handle company matters for which we couldn't find a more sensible alternative. The connection was unreliable and kept getting cut off. Often, we just had to wait and look at the ball going round and round on the screen.

Satakunnan Taimitukku © Kreetta Haaslahti

A leap toward an easier life

Taimitukku's order processing and invoicing system is now online, which means that the plant nursery dispatch centre and the office always have access to the same up-to-date information.

– Our company used to have a somewhat functional internet connection only in the office, which is located approximately 200-300 metres from the dispatch centre. The dispatch centre employees had to walk to the office to take care of business but now those things can be handled at the dispatch centre.

The dispatch centre now has its own email address, which facilitates things, such as ordering supplies. Looking up information online is now possible also for the employees at the greenhouses. The plan is to utilise the fast connection to an even greater extent in the future.

– The provider of our order processing system is currently developing a barcode-based checking system for outgoing plant shipments. This would enable wireless data transfer from the barcode reader directly into the system. We are also reforming our warehouse management operations and warehouse bookkeeping now that we have the Internet available in more than one location. We also have an alarm system on our list of acquisitions, although we are still fine-tuning the plan.

– The first phase will probably be the installation of a video monitoring system at the heating station. The mild winter seems to have done its duty, as the matter doesn't carry a sense of urgency right now.

A reliable choice for work and leisure time

Optical fibre makes it possible to leisurely watch videos and live streams on the internet.

– This is perfect for our family of ice hockey and horse racing enthusiasts. All things considered, the good internet connection has made our daily lives so much easier that I'm not sure what else I could wish for.

The people of Taimitukku warmly recommend optical fibre for both business and private use.

– I believe that in the future, it is possible to use an even wider range of services via the internet and the need for fast data transfers will grow also in private households. The capacity of the mobile network will still be sufficient for on the move but optical fibre is a sound choice for companies and residential buildings.

Satakunnan Taimitukku © Kreetta Haaslahti

In the future, functioning connections can bring even surprising benefits for people who live far from services.

– I've been laughing with my husband that when we are old, we will probably get our daily nutrition pill delivered directly to our home via optical fibre.

We may have to wait for the nutrition pill a little bit but Lavia has certainly taken a huge leap toward the future.