The Finland 100 centenary year has a common image and set rules.

Finland 100 logo

Third parties may use the Finland 100 logo if the Regional Council of Satakunta participates in the project or through a programme application process, whether it is the national or a regional one. Exceptions are events organised by schools and educational institutions as well as celebrations, receptions and events of municipalities as long as they relate to Independence Day. Ask Susanna for more information about the terms and conditions.

Finland 100 Satakunta image

In addition to the national Finland 100 image, Satakunta uses its own word cloud to describe the centenary celebration of Finland 100 in Satakunta. 

Together. Pride, regenerating, us, roots, active, future, brisk, thirst for knowledge, everyday life, inclusive, everyone, happy, inspiring, energetic, safe, multi-cultural.

Suomi 100 Satakunta