Finland turns 100 years old

Finland became an independent country on December 6, 1917. The state was born out of Finnish people's own will and it was the result of long-term efforts. Despite the difficult times, the Finns have been building their own country and deciding together on their own affairs close to a hundred years. Now, the nation of Finland is taking its country to a new century with extreme perseverance, or sisu, and heart. The centenary celebration of Finland's independence, year 2017, is the most notable year of our generation. It gives us an opportunity to understand the past, experience the year together and create a direction for Finland's future. We welcome you to celebrate it with us!

The theme is “together”

The theme of the centenary celebration of Finland's independence is Together – and teaming up with various operators, we will build a lively programme for the entire year of 2017. The centenary year is open to all Finns and friends of Finland. Now you have an opportunity to do something small or large and, at the same time, give a present to your own community: Finland.

The 100-year country has a century-long view to the past and to the future as well as a strong foundation to stand steadily in the present. The events during the year provide a deeper understanding of the entire era of independence, observe the current state of Finland - and create new things.

The independence of Finland will be celebrated in 2017 through an extensive and varied program. The Finland 100 project, operated through the prime minister's office, is responsible for creating a programme for the centennial year but the centenary programme can only be created by building it together with Finns and friends of Finns.

Organising the centenary celebration

The Finland 100 project, operated through the prime minister's office, is responsible for organising the centenary celebration. The Finland 100 regional network, consisting of regional councils and the six largest cities, is responsible for the regional implementation of the centenary year.

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