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Museums tell stories about past and present times. They create unforgettable experiences, educate visitors with the details they provide and make people rejoice while learning. Museums' collections hide a variety of items from locally significant historic objects to the pearls of the artistic world. Embark on an expedition to the museums of Satakunta!

Time Travel in Satakunta

Are you interested in walking in the footsteps of Saint Henry or exploring the Middle Ages? The portal called Time Travel in Satakunta is filled with information about the culturohistorical museums and other destinations in Satakunta. A handy search function allows you to find destinations by theme, municipality or area. Embark on time travel to Satakunta!
Time Travel in Satakunta

Satakunta Museum

The Satakunta Museum exhibitions in Hallituskatu are closed during 7.11.2016 -21.9.2017. On Friday 22.9.2017 a Finland 100 years themed exhibition SATAKUNTA ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO opens and it displays Satakunta in years 1917-1918. Also the museum shop is closed. The cafeteria is open. The three other locations of Satakunta Museum are open normally: The Arkki Nature Centre, Rosenlew-museum and The Renovation Centre Toivo.
>> The Satakunta Museum

Satakunnan Museo © Satakunnan Museo

The Rosenlew Museum

The Rosenlew Museum showcases industrial history. The Rosenlew family’s company (1853–1987) was the biggest employer of its era in the Satakunta region. The permanent exhibitions at the museum allow visitors to learn about the company's history, business areas and production. The museum, located by the factory area, provides a unique opportunity to explore one of the largest industrial companies in Finland. The Rosenlew Museum is a part of the Satakunta Museum. 
The Rosenlew Museum

Rosenlew-museo © Satakunnan Museo

The Pori Art Museum

Pori Art Museum is famous for its exhibitions of international contemporary art. It was founded in 1981 around Professor Maire Gullichsen’s art collection. Constructivism, Fluxus, trends in earth and conceptual art have all served as signposts on the museum’s path in the exploration of new pheno­mena in art. As the regional art museum in Satakunta, the museum hosts large collections and ar­chives of modern and contemporary art. Educational Services help clients of all ages to find new perspectives on art and visual culture.
>> The Pori Art Museum

Emil Cedercreutz Museum

This art and culturohistorical museum is based on the life’s work of Emil Cedercreutz. Cedercreutz was a diversely talented sculptor and silhouette artist, who reshaped the art of sculpting in Finland. In addition to permanent exhibitions, there are various events and temporary exhibitions at this museum.
The Emil Cedercreutz Museum

© Satu Tenhonen

The Rauma Art Museum

One of the best preserved housing areas in Old Rauma conceals a compilation of exhibitions, workshops and other supplementary events for various target groups. The responsibility of the Rauma At Museum is to preserve, support and present art from the surrounding region. Additionally, the museum displays international and national exhibitions and contemporary art exhibitions aimed particularly at children. The public works of art in Rauma can be explored online - even before you leave home to see the real thing!  
>> The Rauma Art Museum
>> Public works of art in Rauma

Rauman taidemuseo © Marko Mikkola

The Rauma Maritime Museum

Embark on an adventure of shipwrecks or try your hand at sailing using the navigation simulator, arrr! The Rauma Maritime Museum teaches you about sailors' lives, seafaring and ship building. The Rauma Maritime Museum is located in the former Rauma Maritime School, which was completed in 1900 and worth seeing in itself.
The Rauma Maritime Museum

© Rauman merimuseo

Kankaanpää Circle of Art

The Circle of Art allows you to admire works of art in the middle of the city environment. Fresh air and the natural landscape combined with art make the Circle of Art a unique arrangement. The collection, gradually supplemented, was created through collaboration between the art school, the city and the art association.
The Kankaanpää Circle of Art

Kankaanpään taidekehä © Maija Anttila

The Kankaanpää City Museum

The Kankaanpää Museum treats its visitors to a culturohistorical, fine arts and a garrison department. In addition to permanent exhibitions, the museum has temporary exhibitions and a museum store. Come and see how Niinisalo became Finland's one and only garrison with artillery or see with your own eyes the development of sources of livelihood in Kankaanpää from the end of the 19th century to the present day.
>> The Kankaanpää City Museum

The Renovation Centre Toivo and Korsman House

Pori's V District houses a plot owned by the Satakunta Museum, which is home to four residential buildings more than a century old and an outbuilding. The yard is a peaceful wooden house idyll whose buildings have been harnessed to tell stories about traditional construction methods and wooden buildings. At the renovation exhibition of the museum's renovation construction building, or the Renovation Centre Toivo, you can familiarise yourself with the traditional form of construction with wood as well as see the materials and methods used to construct buildings. The exhibition building, constructed of timber, has unfinished areas showing construction stages and the history of the building. Korsman House is a dwelling of two bedrooms and a kitchen and its interior design reflects the home of the imaginary Korsman family, set in 1951 with its cots and old-fashioned radio. The inner yard is a stage for several events.
The Renovation Centre Toivo and Korsman House

Rakennuskulttuuritalo Toivo ja Korsmanin talo © Satakunnan Museo

The Arkki Nature Centre

The Arkki Nature Centre has functioned as the natural science unit of the Satakunta Museum since 2000. The customer service floor houses an auditorium, space for temporary exhibitions and the permanent exhibition called "Satakunta". The permanent exhibitions display the region's nature, particularly the natural environments of the Bothnian Sea and the Kokemäenjoki River.
The Arkki Nature Centre

Luontotalo Arkki © Satakunnan Museo