Municipalities in Satakunta

All municipalities in Satakunta have their distinct identities and characteristics. Learn more below!

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A municipality of trade and industry. One of the most significant municipalities in Finland due to its prehistory. The more than 40 lakes in the municipality are a part of the true richness of Eura and the Kauttua ironworks park is a perfect destination for an excursion, especially in the summer.
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Energetic life all round. Prophetically, sähkö, the Finnish word for electricity, was invented here. The municipality, known for the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant, is also home to the beautiful Vuojoki Manor. Luvia is a seashore village with beautiful landscapes. Galleass Ihana and Laitakari are people magnets in the summer. An unparalleled choice of people who value cabin accommodation and nature.
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The city is known for its powerful industry and large companies. The Emil Cedercreutz Museum and the artist home are the most important sights. 
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The Karvianjoki River flows through the entire town of beautiful valley landscapes. The municipality is known for entrepreneurship with its machines, greenhouses and food industries.
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Crazy about Huittinen - the unique stone-carved moose head of Huittinen dates back 7,000 years. The busy meeting point of traffic routes enchants with its river views. Services, together with lively enterprises and several opportunities for education, form a functional package.
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The pearl of Satakunta - Jämi, a paradise for moving people: gliding, skiing in the summer and golf in the winter. You can live in the middle of a fantastic countryside.
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A regional marketplace, a city of art, education and garrison equipped with fabric. A modern and unique hometown with space for creativity. The centre of Northern Satakunta, home to the popular Kuninkaanlähde caravan area and Niinisalo garrison.
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Energetic and cosy Karvia is in the middle of western Finland and the town certainly offers a great party! Agriculture, services and small industries employ the inhabitants of this small but lively municipality. The attractions of Karvia are the municipality-wide optical fibre network, high-quality leisure services and beautiful nature.
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Discover Kokemäki - its river and people. The mighty, old municipality of the Kokemäenjoki Valley, whose church was the location of Saint Henry's sermon before he left for Köyliö. The Kokemäenjoki River crosses through the landscape where the graphic, metal and transport industries are key words. The Kokemäki region is a basket of berries in the heart of Satakunta. 
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A municipality of the sea, river and culture. The Merikarvianjoki River is a naturally beautiful fly-fishing and lure-fishing river with an abundance of rapids. The majestic Oura archipelago on the Bothnian Sea. An ideal living location in the vicinity of nature. The town centre boasts all basic services, daycare, a school, upper secondary school and a swimming hall. Some of the local delicacies worth tasting are Sanna's smoked fish and sea buckthorn tidbits.
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Out and around the church of Nakkila. Home of the best rocking chairs in Finland. Lamprey is the pride of Nakkila, as it is one of the best delicacies Satakunta has to offer. Villilä Studios provided the setting for Sibelius, among other feature films. 
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A bridge home. The Finnish Association of Architects has granted an award to the beautifully preserved village centre. The Pomarkunjoki River crosses through the idyllic village. Known for Pomarfin shoes. Short distances and beautiful nature make Pomarkku a cosy place to visit or live. 
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Pori Jazz, Yyteri, SuomiAreena, Kirjurinluoto, Villa Mairea. Pori is a city of work and events. The future is forged through lively cultural life, sports and students' energy. The city, free of traffic jams, offers dwellings in the city centre or countryside. The sea and the river dominate the landscape. Lavia, in the heart of Satakunta, is a paradise for cabin enthusiasts.
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"Ol niingon gotonas" is a common greeting by the people of Rauma: make yourself at home. A traditional sea and port city with two Unesco World Heritage sites. Old Rauma, Sammallahdenmäki, gorgeous boutiques, Lace Week, boating opportunities and the wonderfully unique dialect, Rauman giäl.
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Nature leads the way. Vast wilderness, invaluable raised bogs and 55 sparkling lakes. The glass porches in Siikainen are masterpieces of woodwork. Living near the nature.
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The municipality is known for Lake Pyhäjärvi, which is rich in fish, the developing Huovinrinne garrison and the specialised food production industry. The safe living environment of Säkylä and the lively businesses offer a high-quality setting to live in and feel at home.
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Ulvila has a rich history, as it was established in 1365 as Finland's third city. The Leineperi ironworks tell a story about the history of industrialisation, as does the old leather factory of Friitala. Joutsijärvi is a popular camping area.
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