Lights, camera, action!

Text: Essi Keskitalo Photos: Villilä Studios

Lights, camera, action! Silence falls in the studio. Everyone has studied the script carefully and knows it by heart. The director waves his hand in approval. Filming at Villilä Studios has just begun.

Located in Nakkila, Villilä Studios offers services for audiovisual productions, from searching for locations to the construction of sets. One of the largest movie studios in Finland, Villilä Studios also provides accommodation and catering services as well as equipment and employees needed in production. 
- In addition, we can help with funding applications as well as obtaining permits, if a street needs to be closed, for example. If needed, we will also take part in the production from beginning to end, says Production Manager Timo Savunen.

Established in 2003, Villilä is a nationally recognised television and movie studio. Movies produced with the help of Villilä include FC Venus, Letters to Father Jacob and the three latest Risto Räppääjä movies. In addition to feature films, documentaries and smaller projects keep the studio busy. 
- Each production is a new project where our old achievements do not matter, says Timo. After the cameras are turned off, Villilä also organises a variety of events from quizzes to guided tours.

You are warmly welcome to make movies in Villilä!

The goal of the studios is to increase the amount and improve the quality of audiovisual business operations in Satakunta. Advancement in the movie business depends on entrepreneurship and courage.
-You have to be brave and proud of your skills, says Timo. Villilä welcomes movie makers from Satakunta, the rest of Finland and abroad. 

Satakunta offers ideal conditions for the film industry. The level of costs is low, and professional employees are available. Timo describes the prospects as promising. 
- We are expecting good things! We have the best expertise in the whole nation. Our next task is to create awareness of our movie makers and find financing for their productions.

Things don't always work out like in the movies

Future talent is not far away. Sataedu offers audiovisual education in Villilä's premises. Experiences, the desire to perform and the intriguing world of its own attract students and amateur actors to work as extras in productions. However, the work is not necessarily glamorous and it sometimes presents surprising challenges.

- Once, we were filming the last scene of a movie on the Reposaari highway. All of a sudden, the windmills needed for the scene suddenly stopped. It was the early hours of a summer morning, and everyone was tired after a hard day’s work. Fortunately, we found the person doing the annual maintenance and he could make the wings run again. As a thank you, we gave him a Villilä cap and everyone was happy.

Even though everything doesn't always work out like in the movies, we sometimes have good luck while filming.