Life in Satakunta 2035

Text: Essi Keskitalo Photo: Taru Anttila

Have you ever thought what life will be like in the future? Will the cars be flying and are we using odd clothes? Perhaps the mankind has moved to space or food is enjoyed as pills. There are many prejudices about the future. What life is like in Satakunta in the year 2035?

"Flying cars will fill our atmosphere" Despite progress, our cars will stay on the ground. Ecological cars have become more common and commuting is easy thanks to public transport. Train tracks and airplanes will take you all over the world. Travelling has been made easy for everyone!

"Big brother watches us and makes all the decisions" In Satakunta, we do things together, whether it means organizing events or volunteering in the village community. The sense of solidarity is strong, regardless of generation or culture. It does not matter where or when you were born. Citizens' needs are on the front burner of which decisions are made.

"Big corporations will crush everything" In Satakunta, companies are successful and the spirit of entrepreneurship is strong. Our principle is to think global and act local. Thanks to networking, we are successful in international markets.

© Taru Anttila

"Space has become our new home" Affordable living close to nature attracts new workforce to settle down in Satakunta. Students have also found our region to be a good place and they have become a familiar sight in our daily life.

"Food is enjoyed in the form of pills" Attention gastronomists, we’re not giving up food! Local and organic food have become even more popular and we are devoted to producing it. Clean nature and water contribute to the diffusion of healthy food culture.

"Consumption culture has left its mark on nature" We take cleanliness of the living environment seriously! Ecological living is emphasised: recycling and energy efficiency have become parts of our daily life. We use organic materials and do everything we can to ensure that Satakunta is still a good place to live in 2035!

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