Individual living

Are you looking for a lot or an apartment in Satakunta? You’ll have lots of options, whether you’d like to live by the lake, near the services downtown or in the middle of the forest. Every municipality in Satakunta has its own peculiarities and characteristics - some are famous for their waters, the others for their rich history. The common factor is that they all offer lots of possibilities to explore culture, to try different hobbies and to live. Read more about the municipalities' identities!

Welcome to fall in love with Pori

No-one has time to listen to babbling about qualities, which are obtained by every seaside city of Pori's size. Reason often comes after falling in love. Don't be afraid - go for it, fall in love and let's think later what we did. Read more about the services and living in Pori.

Come and experience easy living in Rauma!

High-level services and low taxation are the strengths of our city. We want our economy to remain strong and vibrant so that our residents can safely build a life here. We who live in Rauma are extremely lucky because our rich history and city culture, Unesco World Heritage Sites and the proximity of the sea provide us with a unique living environment. Read more about the services and living in Rauma.

Summer houses

On real estate websites, you will find many kinds of apartments, houses, plots, premises and cabins for sale in Satakunta. Municipalities' websites contain current information about available plots and construction sites. 
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>> Etuovi 
>> Jokakoti

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Homes and plots

As the pearl of the west coast, there are also several summer houses in Satakunta. The versatile nature constantly attracts new inhabitants. Even though the number of summer houses increases year after year, we have space for your needs as well. Seashores, lake views and the idyllic nature await you in Satakunta.

The nearby and varied nature also offers various recreational activities.  Fishing and swimming opportunities brighten up your holiday and hiking in the forested landscape make a trip to the cabin more relaxed. Do remember to take advantage of the plentiful services and stimulating activities, as they make leisurely living even more pleasant. The Discover Satakunta search engine also offers useful links when looking for guest harbours, for example.  

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Vital villages and idyllic countryside

The peaceful countryside and the opportunities it offers are attractive. Living arrangements are spacious and affordable. The basic idea is to safeguard smooth daily life and ensure basic services are nearby. New inhabitants are seen as assets, whether they are permanent or temporary. 

There are several unique villages in Satakunta. Strong local cultures support activities in the villages and have a positive effect on life in the countryside. Events are a good example of the promotion of not only the local culture, but also interaction between cities and villages.

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Collaboration is the key word of vital countryside. Local village activities and the operations of the SataKylät ry association are primarily active in Satakunta. Continuous activities create living environments and communities that attract new inhabitants. Cultural landscapes, good transportation connections, village schools and efficient telecommunications connections particularly attract families with children to the countryside.