Ideas for wonderful days!

We all like to save money. Two-for-one offers attract us a complimentary cup of coffee warms the body and the soul. Did you know that the nature in Satakunta makes it possible to engage in several activities at a low cost, without apparent weight loss for the wallet? Open your eyes and ears because here they are – hobbies in Satakunta for practically pennies!

Explore the time-honoured cultural landscapes

Are history and architecture close to your heart? This is your lucky day - Satakunta is rich in landscapes of cultural significance. Embark on an adventure on city streets and in the expanse of the countryside. Admire our beautiful buildings and the stories behind them. Explore the World Heritage Sites: Bronze Age burial site in Sammallahdenmäki or Old Rauma. Let the Noormarkku and Kauttua Ironworks areas charm you with their beauty.  Admire the invaluable cultural landscape – free of charge!
Unesco World Heritage sites in Satakunta
Architecture in Satakunta

© Tiina Leino

A picnic in nature

A picnic is a perfect way to spend a summer day. Good company and the warmth of the sun create a pleasant, unhurried atmosphere. Good music adds to the enjoyment - remember these tips for the summer! Pack your picnic basket and blankets and head for your favourite lawn! Listen to the sounds of nature, the hum of conversation, children at play or music from afar. 

Enjoy the subtleties of the sea breeze

Take a deep breath and feel the breeze of the Bothnian Sea on your face! The waves of Yyteri invite you to enjoy life on the beach in the summer. In the winter, you can grab a plastic bag and slide down the snow-covered dunes. The coastal region also offers excellent opportunities for photographers. Pick up your camera and admire the smooth rocks of Kallo in Mäntyluoto through the lens. Anything is possible in the breeze from the sea!
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© Marko Mikkola

Admire art in Kankaanpää

Art is not meant to be appreciated only indoors. Educate yourself with a trip to Kankaanpää! Follow the art trail through the town and enjoy the fresh air while admiring the diversity of the masterpieces.
Art trail

© Simon Häggblom

Gather the gifts of nature

Nature lends itself to many opportunities for gathering. Everyman's right entitles you to pick chanterelles, cloudberries, blueberries and much more in the forest. Gathering does not need to be material - you can also try birdwatching. Write down your observations and see how many great egrets you can spot in a year!
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