Genuine flavours from Satakunta

Satakunta is known for its abundant and hospitable buffet tables. The saying "seven sorts" originates from the buffet tables of Satakunta. Our specialities include fish courses, particularly whitefish and Baltic herring in various forms and our local specialty, lampern. Satakunta is also an avid producer of poultry, pork, vegetables and mushrooms. Several large food producers operate in our province.

Genuine flavours from Satakunta

Local food is the strength of our region. We invest in pure local food and want to make it readily available. Enjoy the many flavours of Satakunta from vegetables to forest berries! You can enjoy pure local food and the best ingredients at restaurants – or at your table at home. Search the Discover Satakunta search engine for farm shops and farmers’ markets.

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The "Genuine Flavours from Satakunta" products are grown, produced or processed in Satakunta. This is local food as its best, reflecting dedication to pure, genuine flavours. Producers in Satakunta – farms, gardens and fisheries – have always known how to produce high-quality ingredients. Ask your local shop for products from Satakunta!

© Juha Sinisalo

“Genuine flavours are pure and fresh. They emerge from the know-how, soil, water and climate in Satakunta. The chain from the field onto your table is short and fast”. - Esa Mäkitalo, farmer, Mäkitalon Farmi Oy, Mannila

“Taking care of and maintaining the farm because this is my line of business. When you buy milk, you know that the local dairy factory's containers are filled with our cows' milk”. - Sanna Seikkula. Koivumäki dairy farm, Lappi

 “Genuine flavours are borne out of carefully selected ingredients and methods. The mission of Satakunnan Keittiömestarit ry, the Chef Association of Satakunta, is to pass local culinary traditions to students of the field”. - Hannu Ollila, chef. Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo Oy, Lappi

 “About 98% of the meat producers we work with are located in Satakunta so we know that the product comes from Satakunta - it is local food. The origin of the meat we pack is traceable all the way to the birth of the animal”. - Juha Vuorenmaa. Vuorenmaa Abattoir, Ulvila

 “I would like to increase consumers' awareness of turkeys and turkey meat. Turkey is a versatile ingredient, in addition to which it is low in calories and high in protein”. - Kim Haavisto, meat cutter. Länsi-Kalkkuna Oy, Säkylä

 “Our pride is the traditional kakko bread and its new variations. We use no additives and deliver our handmade breads directly to shops. - Heikki Lankoski, entrepreneur. Ullan Pakari, Pori

© Juha Sinisalo

“Pike, perch and vendace. Paste made of small fish caught from Lake Pyhäjärvi is our innovation. It is used to make fish balls and patties, among other dishes. Fish has a genuine taste of the summer – all year round”. -Jouni Aaltonen, fisherman. Kolvaan Kala, Säkylä.

Special delicacies of Satakunta

Have you heard of lapskoussi? Do you know what the Eura pretzel looks like? Several special delicacies of Satakunta are mixed with the traditions of our region. Lampern, the provincial fish of Satakunta, is a local delicacy grilled in a gridiron and enjoyed with schnapps. Sea-buckthorn, the provincial plant of Satakunta, is high in vitamin C and carotene. It is used to make juice, pastries and desserts. Popular delicacies of Satakunta also include lapskoussi, a traditional favourite of sailors, and sweet Eura pretzels. Kakko is our delicious wheat bread.


Do you know how to make the genuine grilled treat, porilainen? Toast two slices of bread and a thick cut of sausage. Pile them up in the right order: bread - sausage - bread. Flavour with onion, pickles, mustard and ketchup - a nicesized, easily approachable and no-nonsense classical delicacy is ready to be enjoyed!