Entrepreneurship in Satakunta

Low costs and a wide selection of plots, premises and opportunities attract businesses to Satakunta. We offer excellent conditions for successful business. We will do everything we can to help you overcome challenges, whether you are a new or seasoned entrepreneur. Our comprehensive services help you start your business, find the perfect location and boost your operations. Satakunta takes good care of entrepreneurs!

The Regional Organisation of Enterprises in Satakunta

The mission of the Regional Organisation of Enterprises in Satakunta is to improve the standing of entrepreneurs and the prerequisites for entrepreneurship. You will be provided with tips and help with entrepreneur activities and search for someone to take over your operations. The website contains a wide range of information about entrepreneurship in Satakunta and Finland. The company search function allows you to search easily for companies in all areas of business in every municipality in our country. 
>> The Regional Organisation of Enterprises in Satakunta

Prizztech Oy

Do you need help with starting, finding a location for or developing your business? How about with promoting entrepreneurship? Prizztech offers services for entrepreneurs and companies throughout the whole lifecycle of a business. Its main purpose is to create favourable conditions and improve the competitiveness and operational conditions of businesses. It's a convenient one-stop service in one location! Also remember the consulting service Prizztech offers by phone. The phone service at +358 (02) 62 62 62 provides assistance with all questions related to business activities.
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Business service Enter

Enter is intended for start-ups and people thinking about starting a business. Enter is part of Prizztech. It offers entrepreneurship training as well as financial and personal advice related to planning, starting and buying businesses. Its consulting services are free of charge. As a customer of Enter, you will have access to expert consultants and an extensive cooperation network.
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Satakunta Chamber of Commerce and Rauma Chamber of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce advance entrepreneurship in their areas, international expansion and operational conditions. They offer training, information and consulting services to their members. Organisations also monitor the benefits of businesses and help to advance networking opportunities between different operators in their area.
>> Satakunta Chamber of Commerce 
>> Rauma Chamber of Commerce

Rauma cleantech

Rauma cleantech -catalogue contains presentations of 30 companies, which represent the knowhow of environmental issues in Rauma. Presented also are the ecofriendly industrial parks of Rauma and general information about the Carbon neutral municipalities (Hinku-activities) managed by the city of Rauma.

Rauma cleantech -catalogue in English
Rauma cleantech -catalogue in Chinese


Satakanta is a free business directory for companies operating in Satakunta. It was established to facilitate networking between businesses. Businesses may add and update their information free of charge. You can search the directory for new customers, partners or contacts to support your business operations!
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Satamittari contains research and forecasting information as well as statistics about Satakunta. The objective of this public database is to provide information related to the development of Satakunta as well as observe the development of business operations in the area. Look for information about industries, job markets, population or even competitiveness!
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Apparaatti, SAMK Enterprise Accelerator, serves as a link between companies and university students. As a meeting place, its goal is to facilitate the collaboration of students and companies. Innovative operations are created by combining the product and service ideas of companies with the knowledge and skills of students. Apparaatti matches ideas to the right people!
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