The enchanting food shop Lumo

Text: Essi Keskitalo Photo: Ruokapuoti Lumo

Rauma is traditionally known for its unique dialect, Lace Week and its heart: Old Rauma. The wooden houses, narrow streets and attractive display windows lend an idyllic atmosphere to Old Rauma. It is not without merit that Old Rauma is called the most beautiful commercial centre in Finland.

Becoming an organic store

The Lumo food shop was established in the summer of 2010. Located in the heart of Old Rauma, the shop offers a broad range of organically and locally produced food and drinks, from meat and dairy products to coffee beans and special beers. Visitors are delighted by the wide selection of products. 
- We are becoming more and more like an organic shop. Our selection is expanding to cover kitchenware and detergents, says Annemari.

Lumo offers organic products, samples and the spirit of a village shop.

Lumo is well received among local residents and the store has become a source of pride in the city. The growing interest in organic products is also reflected in the services the shop provides. Various lectures, corporate events and special events for hobby groups are popular. In addition, product sampling events for fans of cheese, beer and cider attract visitors.

The spirit of a village store prevalent in Lumo is evident, particularly in the cheerful and professional service. 
- We know our products and we can provide useful tips for preparing them. We also have recipe ideas at hand!
According to Annemari, Lumo has customers throughout Finland and they represent a variety of age groups and life situations.
- Our customers have one thing in common: they seek exquisite taste sensations. You can always tell if a meal is made of high-quality ingredients.

Positive feedback from customers

Lumo was established only a few years ago, but Annemari has already seen its positive effect on its customers. 
- The most rewarding thing is to learn that people are feeling better because of the changes they made in their diets. You don't have to change everything at once, you can do it gradually, Annemari points out.

People increasingly appreciate pure, unprocessed food. It is not a passing trend, but rather, a permanent phenomenon. However, consumers' desire to use more locally produced and organic food does not automatically translate into business operations. Availability is important, because people tend to follow old and familiar patterns when buying food. 
- We hope that food will continue to be produced in Satakunta in the future. Agriculture in the area should remain lively and vibrant. Purchasing local food is also a way to support the region financially.