Clubs and music

Listen to the hottest hits on night clubs' dance floors, enjoy live performers and familiarise yourself with the local bands. Night life in Satakunta is a combination of fun, music and atmosphere. Explore the selection in further detail!

Domino Rauma

The spirit of weekend celebration is at Domino! Located in the heart of Rauma, this nightclub shares a building with restaurant Mr. Jones and Hotel Raumanlinna. As such, you can easily combine entertainment with dining and accommodation. Live music at Domino is guaranteed by top Finnish artists and more traditional classics.
>> Domino Rauma

Osmantupa Eura

Consisting of a night club and two pubs, Osmantupa Eura is a late-night place for fun. In addition to the music played by the DJ, you can also enjoy live music. 
>> Osmantupa Eura

Monttu Pori

Located in the heart of Pori, the two-floor restaurant ensemble consists of Rock Bar Monttu and Pub Pystis. Friday and Saturday nights are spent in good company listening to music characterised as "a tad better rock". The stage is taken over by local bands, big names in Finland and international artists.
>> Monttu Pori

Baarikaappi Pori

Friends of heavier music are provided with entertainment and music at Baarikaappi. This bar in Pori attracts particularly metal enthusiasts.
>> Baarikaappi Pori

Punainen Kukko Pori

Known as PK among the regulars, this dance restaurant and night club is located in the intersection of the parks of Pori. Punainen Kukko has large dance floors, various genres of music and guests from different age groups. Live music is provided by the shiniest stars of Finnish pop and hit music.
>> Punainen Kukko Pori

Yyteri Hotel & Spa Pori

In addition to accommodation and spa services, Yyteri Hotel & Spa also hosts various music events. Performers from Finland and overseas make feet move to the beat. Yyteri also has a karaoke nightclub - an excellent place for brushing up on singing skills.
>> Yyteri Hotel & Spa Pori

Cabaret Pori

Diversity is the ace up Pori Cabaret's sleeve. This nightclub, divided into three sections, entertains till the early morning hours. Kasari allows you to reminisce to the beat of legendary songs or show off your skills at karaoke. Armas is the place for music, from Finnish pop to ‘90s hits and disco - it’s also where the current chart-topping hits are played. Cabaret also organises various events and evenings of live entertainment.
>> Cabaret Pori

Kankaanpään viihdekeskus

The best party of Kankaanpää in the centre of the city - choose from live concerts, various genres of music, dance and classes.
>> Kankaanpään viihdekeskus

Villi Nightclub Kankaanpää

A pulsating nightclub in the heart of the city offers you excellent experiences, whether you're out and about by yourself or with friends. Professional DJs are in charge of party music, covering the most recent releases and the best disco and club classics. Party nights are further spiced up by live gigs and theme parties.
>> Villi Nightclub Kankaanpää