At Christmas time

In addition to timeless Christmas carols and a warm market atmosphere, Satakunta offers a diversity of events around Christmas. Come and meet Santa at the Jämi Christmas Village or cheer your favourite Christmas elf on in the Santa Race in Säkylä. What puts you in the Christmas spirit?

Old Rauma invites you to the warm feeling of Christmas. Experience the unique milieu of the Word Heritage Site, and enjoy of the relaxed atmosphere and the offerings of the Chrismas market.
>> The Christmas events of Old Rauma

Jämi’s Christmas Village is an event for the whole family! You’ll find the most delicious pastries and unique articrafts as well as gift items. You are welcome to see the candle cavalcade and meet the Santa Claus!
Jämi Christmas Village

Put on a red hood and join the Säkylä charity event. The Santa Claus Run can be attended by everyone from elfs to Mother Chrismas, no matter what the age is. The 1,5 kilometer route goes swiftly along with the huhdreds of participants.
>> Santa Claus Run in Säkylä
>> Video
of the warming up of the Santa Claus Run

Leineperi Chrismas Market is an atmospheric, traditional and warm event in Kullaa, Ulvila before Christmas. Event full of gifts, food and Chrismas feeling.  
>> Leineperi Chrismas Market

Before Chrismas Satakunta based and other local food producers, artesans and mechants gather for about two weeks to the Satakunta Chrismas Market in Eetunaukio square in Poriin to sell their products in Christmas feeling.
Satakunta Christmas Market