Apetit - Genuine flavours

Teksti Mikko Merisaari Kuvat Apetit

The journey of a pea onto your dinner table begins in a field in Satakunta. The frozen product is ready to be shipped in about two hours after picking the peas. Their colour, structure and taste remain intact in the freezing process. In other words, Apetit brings food from the field straight onto your table.

All Finns are familiar with Apetit. We have its products in our freezers, and we enjoy them as part of our daily meals and at special occasions. Apetit has become a household name through determined work. “Our products are tasty, easy to use and responsibly manufactured,” says Anu Ora, Director of Apetit Food Solutions.

Impressions about frozen products are often too negative, especially regarding eco-friendliness. Anu tells the products are clearly better than their reputation. “The biggest advantage of frozen goods is that the fresh taste and healthiness are stored, and they can be used exactly the amount that is needed.” There is no wastage, and the products are ready for the table without peeling or chopping.

Satakunta produces about 75% of the vegetables used in the Finnish food industry

Apetit, on a mission for Satakunta, sees the future in domestic food. “Consuming atmosphere has changed. Consumers value local and domestic food more,” Anu clarifies and tells that Apetit has about 140 contract farmers within a radius of 100 kilometres from its Säkylä production plant. The Responsibillity Agriculture System and computing programs the farmers use make it easy to trace the origin of the food. “We can trace the raw materials all the way to the section of the field in which a swede was picked, for example.”

The location of Apetit in Säkylä also has a positive effect on product quality. The contract farmers are near, which means less transport and a smaller burden on the environment. Satakunta produces about 75% of the vegetables used in the Finnish food processing industry and about 25% of all outdoor vegetables.

In addition to the origin of food, Apetit focuses on taste. Careful monitoring, professional pride and streamlined processes ensure high quality. “By using our products pure and genuine taste sensations are guaranteed,” says Anu. One can always eat well, like the company’s slogan promises. When asked for a favourite product, Anu thinks for a while and says: “The Domestic Potato & Soup Vegetables. In the hectic everyday life it is my own and my children’s favourite.”