Adventures with Viksu

Text: Essi Keskitalo Photos: Marko Mikkola

Caw, caw! Did you hear that? Did you see the black wings in the shadow of the trees? Summer is here again, and Viksu the Rook has returned to Kirjurinluoto. Let’s go and ask how he is doing. 

It is no wonder that Kirjurinluoto is Viksu’s favourite place in Pori.

Viksu's home nest in Kirjurinluoto is surrounded by children. This constantly happy bird is the highlight of the summer for many people. 
- All the children I meet make my bird heart happy, Viksu exclaims and reminds us that he'll be at his home nest several times a day.

Gadgets at play parks, the beach of River Kokemäenjoki and several nature trails offer something to do for visitors of all ages. 
- The whole family can play frisbee golf and people love the pedal cars that are available for rent, Viksu says and continues to tell us about the numerous events in Pori: 
- The annual Pori Jazz Kids Festival is a wonderful and fast-paced event. Caw!

In addition to Viksu, his animal friends are popular attractions in Kirjurinluoto. 
- Ooh, those little goats and alpacas are always up to something fun. The peacocks like to show off their fancy tail feathers and ducks teach their young to swim in the park's canals. I love spending time with my animal friends!

Viksu's adventures in two books

When the summer ends, Viksu will once again travel the world. 
- I love adventures. I will fly wherever my beak leads me. 
On his travels, Viksu has met pirates, roamed deserts with camels and climbed mountains with other fearless adventurers. 
- I have so many stories that it would take several days to share them all, but you can read about my adventures in my two books at your own pace,” Viksu says.

Books and other Viksu products are available at the Pori Regional Tourist Agency (Maisa), the online store and the Kirjurinluoto information centre in the summer. On the Kirjurinluoto website, children can send messages to Viksu and play exciting treasure hunt and colouring games.

Dusk falls on the park. 
- See you later, yeehaa! Viksu screeches and flies away, as it is time to go to sleep. Tomorrow is a new day and new adventures await. Come and meet Viksu the Rook in Kirjurinluoto.