An adventure with animals at MuuMaa

Teksti Essi Keskitalo Kuvat: Koivuniemen Herran MuuMaa

Koivuniemen Herra’s MuuMaa in Merikarvia is approaching around few corners. This is something we’ve been waiting for! The most perfect summer day was selected. The expectations are high - can MuuMaa fulfil them? Yes, it did, we spent a wonderful day!

Despite the fact that we arrived almost as soon as the place opened, the parking lot was full of cars. An energetic "Welcome!" bursts into the air right away. Sirkka-Liisa Koivuniemi is welcoming guests with a smile. Indeed, a big part of the MuuMaa experience is its owners, Sirkka-Liisa and Markku. Their childlike enthusiasm and the twinkle in their eyes have not disappeared despite the passing of years. Their palpable energy is easily felt by everyone and immediately sets the right mood.

The day in Merikarvia goes by fast while getting to know the area. Different kinds of activities and tours are constantly organised for visitors; you can go on an egg hunt, milk a cow, ride the tractor and walk the lambs. However, you do not have to spend the whole day hurrying from one activity to another, as circling the area at your own pace also provides entertainment for hours.


Best of the Province

Small details are taken into consideration in MuuMaa. Receipts are written in the dialect of Merikarvia and visitors are handed a bag filled with crispbread to feed to the animals. People do not have to go hungry either. There is the option to grill your own food, but homemade lunches and products at the kiosk are also available.

Still not convinced of the greatness of MuuMaa? Did you know that Koivuniemen Herra has received a Best of the Province award? These awards are granted to companies that are customer-oriented with high-quality service. It goes without saying that MuuMaa is one of the best in Satakunta and an absolute must-see attraction for children and childlike adults.