The four seasons in Finland offer an abundance of wonderful experiences for everyone. You can hike or ride a horse in nature in the summer and ski or skate in the winter. You can enjoy sailing, fishing or windsurfing, or dance samba or paddle your way to the rapids. In Satakunta, the possibilities are endless!

Discover Satakunta

The Discover Satakunta website allows you to search for services based on your needs. The website contains more information about opportunities for different activities in Satakunta. OutdoorsSatakunta-portal offers the Satakunta nature destinations and services in themes: Fishing, Wildlife, Hiking, Cycling, Paddling and Experiences. The portal of Satakunta tourism entrepreneur association gathers their services also.
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Make a virtual journey to Bothnian Sea National Park! Activities in the region are compiled on the Selkä website. Among other things, the website contains wonderful panoramic images, descriptions of nearby nature and wildlife as well as directions to the destinations.
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Guide to Kokemäenjoki

Make a virtual journey to the summery Kokemäenjoki! The wonderful website presents the destinations in spherical panoramic images. The depicted destinations are located along the downstream of the Kokemäenjoki River in Pori, Ulvila and Nakkila. The site also provides additional information, stories, photos and videos. Together, these resources form a way for schools, the area's inhabitants, tourists and absolutely anyone to explore Kokemäenjoki!
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Is it a great egret or a sea eagle? Birdwatching is an affordable and fascinating hobby that is suitable for the whole family. In fact, birds are the most popular subject of nature-related hobbies. Satakunta is the location of several bird towers and observation decks that facilitate easy observation of birds' lives and migration activities without causing a disturbance. The best birdwatching spots in Satakunta with extensive instructions are listed on the Pori Ornithological Society's website. 
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The wonderful and affordable hobby is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. You can choose your route to match your skills and shape. Geocaching takes you to places that you might not think to visit otherwise! There is a fair amount of geocaches in Satakunta. 
The hidden beauty of Pori
>> Geocache route by the Leineperi iron mill


Mini golf, frisbee golf or traditional golf - which golf game is yours? Opportunities for playing golf are plentiful in Satakunta! Traditional golf courses include Rauma Golf, Nakkila Golf, Kalafornia and Yyteri Golf in Pori. In the winter, you can try snow golfing in Jämi and traditional golfing at the Kokemäki indoor hall. In Satakunta, you can chase a hole-in-one year-round! There are frisbee golf courses all over Satakunta.  This fun sport is suitable for people of all ages and skill levels. Frisbee golf is definitely worth trying with family or friends. You can play miniature golf in different parts of Satakunta. Try the Poroholma course amidst the beautiful landscapes!
Rauma Golf
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Escape everyday routines and take some time for yourself! Satakunta offers many ways to enhance your well-being. Massages and facials make you feel good on the outside, while calm yoga movements are good for the soul. A peaceful mind and the enjoyment of rush-free moments give you strength for many days to come. Even a moment of relaxation and a small break from routines will give you fresh energy. 
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Everyman's right

Everyman's right guarantees that every person staying in Finland has the right to use natural resources regardless of who owns or occupies the area. This is why this wonderful tradition and right is worth experiencing for everyone visiting our country! Among other things, you can pick berries, go fish and boat without any restrictions as long as you avoid people's yards. If you opt to indulge in everyman's right, you are not entitled to cause a disturbance to others, Littering and, for example, fishing without the appropriate permits are forbidden. 
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Jämi Nature and Sports Centre

It is not easy to choose from the abundance of activities at the Jämi Nature and Sports Centre. The diverse selection of hobbies and experiences will keep you busy throughout the year. Looking for something cool to do in the summer? Come and play winter sports on synthetic ice or ski in a tunnel. If you need fresh air, go ride on a horse or hike in the middle of the impressive landscapes. In the winter, you can try ski orienteering or even test your hand at curling. In Jämi, nature and exercise will help you relax.
Jämi Nature and Sports Centre

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Satakunta offers ideal fishing locations, classes, catches and experiences! The open sea, rivers and lakes attract fishermen. Lake Pyhäjärvi is like the sea: the beauty of the largest lake in southwest Finland lies in its vast open waters. Bring a fishing buddy and try your luck. There are plenty of opportunities! Just remember to obtain the appropriate fishing permits!
Nakkila rapids
River Merikarvianjoki
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Walking and hiking trails

Be a part of nature and go for a hike in Satakunta! The clean and unique nature offers alternatives for various needs. You can hike on a pulse-accelerating forest trail or learn about local animals on a beautiful nature trail. The trails also offer a variety of activities and opportunities to take a break or stay overnight.  The diverse nature in Satakunta, from seashores to swamps, is laden with walking and hiking trails worth the experience. 
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Creating by hand

Handicrafts are an important regional resource and part of the cultural heritage of Satakunta. Handicrafts can be a hobby or the production of commercial items. Are you, too, inspired by creating something by hand?  The Satakunta Crafts Association organises courses for adults and children alike and provides other services as well for crafts enthusiasts. In addition, the museums in Satakunta organise fascinating workshops.
Satakunta Crafts Association
Museums in Satakunta

Satakunnan Museo


Enjoy an adventure in the rapids or paddle at your own pace and enjoy the peace of nature! Satakunta offers paddling opportunities for every taste. You can rent a canoe for yourself, participate in a canoe safari or join a paddling club. Paddle your way to an adventure! 
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Motor sports

From motor sports centres to go-kart tracks, Satakunta offers a wide variety of options for fans of speed. Located in Honkajoki, the Pesämäki Motorsport Centre is one of the pearls of auto sports in Satakunta. It provides a high-quality setting for practising and competing. National and international motor sport contests are also organised in the area. Test your skills on the go-kart track or beat your friend in rallycross.
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Sailing and boating

The rivers, lakes and sea in Satakunta offer excellent opportunities for sailing and boating. Enjoy a summer day on the waves of the Bothnian Sea at a public sail on Galleass Ihana or Schooner Kathrina! You will fall in love with this eco-friendly mode of transport on your first try!

Kaljaasi Ihana

Is boating your thing? You'll find a place for your boat in the guest harbours of Satakunta. They also offer other activities, like in Krookka you'll be able to enjoy good food and summer theater. On boating trips to The Bothnian Sea National Park you'll get to see the coastal areas. In Poroholman holiday centre one can rent canoes or visit the three historic sailing boats: brig Gerda, scooner  Kathrina and galleass Marita.

>> Kaljaasi Ihana
>> Kuunari Kathrina
Krookka Merikarvia
>> Marina Merilokki Pori
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The varied landscapes of Satakunta, with its versatile routes, invite you to hop on a bicycle! Cycling is popular for many reasons: it is inexpensive, environmentally friendly and good for you. The flat terrain in Satakunta is ideal for riding a bicycle, whether you are doing it for fun or taking part in a competition. The terrain in Jämi, dotted with ridges, is ideal for cycling, as are the landscapes of Meri-Pori and the Pyhäjärvi area.
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Horseback riding

The varied nature and terrain in Satakunta are well suited for horseback riding. Would you like to practise your skills in horseback riding lessons or go on a horseback riding tour? There are options for every taste! Satakunta offers training for competitions, horse shoeing services and riding camps. Experience the world from a new angle - on the back of a horse!
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Surfing and water sports

Satakunta boasts the best surfing beach in Finland - Yyteri. The Finnish Boardsailing Association's home beach is located on Yyteri Bay; where the shores are the undisputed top choice in Satakunta for surfing. The Yyteri Surf Centre provides training and equipment rentals to enthusiasts and novices. At the Sieravuori Holiday Centre, the open waters of Lake Pyhäjärvi treat visitors to fantastic opportunities for water sports. The waves are calling - what are you waiting for?
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Swimming What kind of a water champ are you? Do you enjoy peaceful evening swims on the shore of a river or are you into splashing at a lido with your children? Does swimming in a hole in the ice help you relax or are you more interested in sea waves in Yyteri? In Satakunta, you will find a wide range of swimming opportunities to suit every taste! Swimming halls, tourist attractions, lidos and natural waters await you!
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